Cyber Security

Stay Protected With DragonTek

Today business requires greater surveillance in order to counter cyber threats, both domestic and foreign. Safeguarding your business’ architecture, data and IP should be a priority and DragonTek’s security experts have the knowledge, discipline and proficiency to protect your precious assets.

Take advantage of elite risk detection combined with cyber security expertise that shields data and devices and employs relentless surveillance, monitoring and operational management of business assets to protect investments and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Providing exceptional monitoring and managed security services to your expanding business 25/8/366

Advanced Threat Prevention

Identify and mitigate cyberattacks so business can go on as normal.  Engage our skill to gain maximum visibility, increase ROI and improve productivity.

Security Monitoring  [ formerly User Productivity]

Monitor, analyze and correlate security activity in your environment to ensure your business’ data usage policies are being governed and enforced.

Network Utilization and Performance

Detect unidentified vulnerabilities and ensure your network requirements are able to facilitate business during peak times and can handle a surge beyond

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