Virtual CTO


Most businesses, regardless of stature, are reliant on technology to keep them operating.

The Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is an executive level service that provides, to your business, the prowess in leveraging technology to achieve strategy and goals.  The Virtual CTO has the utmost deference to your business and helps leadership gain as much value from its current technology assets, while establishing, maintaining and championing for future growth and the requirements to get there.

The Virtual CTO will be your trusted advisor on all aspects of your business and the technology used to support it.  The Virtual CTO provides unique insights and customized frameworks, based on your business’ current IT posture, respective needs and the ability to support the strategic business trajectory.

Employ a Virtual CTO to best utilize technology to create a competitive advantage, and place your business in a position to challenge larger firms for market share.

Virtual CTO Activities include (but not limited to):

  • In cooperation with business leadership, identify opportunities and potential avenues of risk
  • Head strategic planning engagements to meet business goals by identifying and prioritizing  programs while establishing agendas for appraisal
  • Probe:emerging technological advances that can be leveraged as a catalyst for business growth and expansion
  • Develop and establish process that governs customers/client information and meets, government, partner and company expectations

DragonTek has been a trusted advisor to our partners since 2005.  The Virtual CTO allows us to partner with our clients to truly facilitate the climate needed for a competitive advantage in today’s ever changing business landscape.

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